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Show Pride in Your Company’s Past Achievements with a Timeline or History Wall

You are super proud of your company and its history. Don’t you wish there was some way you could showcase this pride for everyone who walked through your doors? It would need to be classier than just a pamphlet on the receptionist’s desk. And it would need to be something that would be as awe-inspiring to your customers as your history is to you. As luck would have it, wall art is all the rage now. By adding a timeline or history wall, let these ideas spark your imagination as you plan your office’s decor.


If your brand, product, or company has been around for a while, that’s an accomplishment to brag about. Using any combination of signage materials, like the custom history wall we did for Neches Federal Credit Union, it’s possible to explain how much your company has done for its customers over the years.

Neches History Wall Mural

We collaborated with NewGround on this massive mural for the Neches Federal Credit Union. It ties in the company’s brand colors and logo above the history wall below it.

Another benefit of a timeline display is showcasing important events through the years and recognizing the people who accomplished them. This is evidenced in the history wall at the Live! by Loews hotel in Arlington, TX.

Timeline and History Wall

This timeline wall was created for the employee area at the Live! by Loews hotel in Arlington, TX.

History Walls

Not all history needs to be displayed as a timeline. For example, look at the Silicon Ranch right here in Nashville, TN. We incorporated their prominent historical events into an attractive wall setting. Whether your display takes up a corner of your office space, a large prominent wall, or even a well-used hallway, you can use the space you have to exhibit the chronology of your business.

If you want to be caught thinking out of the box, create a history wall that is more like a non-linear timeline, like the one you can find at the Rosedale Federal Savings and Loan Association Towson Branch. Such a choice can highlight relational values with its design.

Non-Linear History Wall

We used dimensional features on this timeline for the Towson Branch of the Rosedale Federal Savings and Loan Association.

Three-dimensional signage can add extra effect to your timeline or history wall. Think about creating your sign on clear acrylic panels to make the words stand out (in more ways than one!)  You can find a beautiful example of this kind of signage at Hunt Brothers Pizza in Nashville.

Hunt Brother's History Wall

Hunt Brother’s Pizza gave us all of the photos, wording, and logo art, and our team turned it into three displays paying tribute to their history.

Because vinyl is so versatile, it can adhere to just about any surface you have in your building. Therefore, your opportunities for displaying your message are endless! Our experienced designers will help you create wall or building space designs that express your history in your brand style. Including such meaningful signage in your building speaks to your customers. They’re an appealing reminder to employees of your company’s values and the history that got you where you are today.


Whatever bold statement you have to make about your company, show it to your customers with style! Contact us today to develop the wall art that brings the beauty of your story to the forefront of your customers’ vision.


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