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The openness that interior glass offices create feels spacious and light ... but that openness doesn't provide much privacy! 12-Point SignWorks can pattern or brand your glass panels to provide a visual barrier and an artistic addition to your office space.

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Custom vinyl film patterns, materials that look frosted, and even printed patterns can be applied to these glass surfaces to help create privacy while still allowing light to enter your workspace.  Some organizations use privacy vinyl graphics to reinforce their branding.  Others use it as a complementary element in the overall workplace decor.

When you want to use your windows for public-facing branding and messaging, many of these same materials can be used.  Exterior windows can also be decorated with long-term or short-term promotional graphics for branding and advertising purposes.  As a unique feature to consider, perforated window graphics create a one-way viewing effect allowing those inside the workplace or store to see out while providing a printed image to those looking at the storefront (this effect reverses at night when it's lighter inside the building than it is outdoors).  Each municipality has its own guidelines as to how much of the glass can be covered, and we're happy to walk through those guidelines with you.

Contact us today to discuss how window graphics, whether for interior/exterior privacy or branding purposes, can enhance your workplace and storefront!

Rosedale FSL privacy vinyl.
Reliant Bank privacy glass vinyl
TTCU privacy window vinyl
Farmers State Bank Newground privacy vinyl

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