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Bathroom Signage Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

We’ve all got to go sometime, so why not add a little fun to entertain those who visit your establishment and find themselves in that position? Cute or informative graphics posted in your facility’s facilities make a great talking point for those who visit. And they say any press is good press, so if your audience wants to rave about the unique environment of your bathroom, well, then hey – at least they’re talking! While bathroom signage will always be necessary, making something that stands out and fits your brand’s image can be tricky. Lucky for you, 12-Point SignWorks has plenty of experience guiding businesses down the right path. Take a look at a few of our past creations.

Custom Bathroom Signage

These larger-than-life cutouts were designed and created for the bathrooms in the San Francisco Police Credit Union in San Bruno, CA.

Hygiene Decals

With everything in the world so focused on our health over the past few years, behaviors such as proper handwashing have come to the forefront of many concerned citizens’ minds. Showing your business to be a community that cares about the health of its employees and customers goes a long way in building strong relationships. Be a company that cares—post signs or decals detailing the steps to proper handwashing in the bathroom.

Hygiene Decals

Hygiene decals help remind guests and employees to keep their hands washed while maintaining your brand’s aesthetic.

Vinyl Graphics

With the help of custom vinyl graphics, you can have a little fun with the idea of genders based on your brand. A zoo might cover their bathroom doors with a beautiful wildlife vinyl decal of male and female animals. Restaurants have been known to post pictures of forks and spoons or of men and women related to their theme (think: cowboys, birds, etc.) The more fun you can have tying in your brand, the more your customers will appreciate your dedication. “Even their bathrooms tell us who they are!”

Custom Vinyl Graphics

Custom vinyl graphic cut-outs that were designed for bathrooms at the Nashville Zoo.

Wayfinding Signage

You may know how to find the facilities in your workspace, but visitors may have a more difficult time navigating their surroundings. They might get lost and be too embarrassed to ask for directions, or worse – they might get lost and walk out the door! Don’t lose your visitors due to poor information – provide visible wayfinding signage directing them to the nearest bathroom.

Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signage is extremely helpful for new visitors. This is especially if your location covers a lot of ground.

Floor Decals

You can post a sign on the bathroom door. You can use directional signs at the hallway intersections and corners. There could even be a two-sided sign above the actual bathroom door, but there still could be somebody who doesn’t notice any of them. However, we often notice things out of place on the floor. If that’s the case, don’t let your signage placement keep somebody from finding the way to the bathroom. Use floor decals to help guide your guests.

Floor Decals

Not everyone notices wayfinding signage, but most people see things on the ground. Custom floor decals get noticed when other signage can’t.

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