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Preserving Your Vehicle Advertising Wrap

Once you’ve elected to use your car, truck, or van as a traveling advertisement for your business, you may think you can check that marketing tool off your list. Although the crux of the job is done once the wrap is applied, you should perform minor upkeep to ensure your investment remains effective.

Like an ad you put in the newspaper that you continue to renew for optimum audience reach, your wrapped vehicle needs maintenance to ensure you communicate your brand clearly to your audience. A peeling billboard gives the viewers a message of laziness or outdatedness – a car wrap in disrepair can communicate a similar message. Here are a few pointers to remember so your vehicle wrap doesn’t give that idea to your potential customers.12PointLaMarvelous2-1

Wash Your Vehicle Regularly

It’s even more important to keep your vehicle clean now that everyone looks at it for brand information. You want to express a message of pride and perfectionism in your work, and cleanliness fits that bill perfectly. Beyond keeping your advertisement clean and clear, washing your vehicle is necessary. It ensures dirt and grime don’t creep in underneath the vinyl film to cause bubbling, leading to tears on top or rust underneath.

What Not to Do

Sometimes, what you don’t do is just as important as what you actually do to protect your custom vehicle advertising wrap. The goal is to make sure nothing scratches the surface. Therefore, it is imperative to avoid automatic car washes. The bristles in the brushes can be stiff and quickly cause a tear to form in the wrap.12PointWrapBlog

Even if you opt for a hand-washing service, it’s a good idea to ask about the chemicals in the cleaning products. Harsh chemicals can eat away at the vinyl or possibly react to cause color fading. Not a professional look!

Store It Safely

Vinyl car wraps are made to withstand moisture, such as rain. The wrap material or vinyl film helps keep the water from reaching the car to cause corrosion. However, leaving the wrapped vehicle out in the elements for a prolonged period can wear down the vinyl. Any outdoor elements – from the sun/UV rays to bird droppings and branches can damage the wrap and reduce its lifespan. Store the vehicle in a covered enclosure, optimally in a temperature-controlled garage to keep your wrap looking its best.12PointWrapBlog2

There’s nothing quite like moving your brand’s message with you everywhere you go. Your wrapped vehicle becomes an instant celebrity, and others will be sure to notice it right away. A vehicle wrap is essentially a mobile billboard and will continue to deliver results on the road or temporarily parked. After having a professional wrap job from 12-Point SignWorks, maintain professionalism by keeping a pristine image that lasts for years.

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