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Branded Signage for the Learning Zone’s New Location in Spring Hill

We’ve had the honor of working with Learning Zone Child Care since March of 2021, creating custom signage for several of their locations in middle Tennessee. From monument sign panels to custom window graphics, the cohesive signage across all the different locations helps to strengthen their brand visibility and identity. When they reached out to us to design, fabricate, and install signage for their new location in Spring Hill, we were more than happy to help! Just like the other locations, this new Spring Hill Learning Zone will be easily recognizable thanks to the cohesive signage throughout the facility. By using the same brand colors, font, and theme in a commercial signage design, businesses can ensure their customers will always be able to find them in new places. Just like the Golden Arches are known around the world for McDonald’s, the bright orange gear is a constant in their branding. And not just the shape. Their website mentions gearing up for discovery and learning, gearing up for fun-filled classroom experiences, and gearing up for community. As such, the gear makes an appearance quite often throughout this environmental branding project with the Learning Zone.

Using their gear branding, we designed and fabricated a variety of media, such as lobby signage, learning model wall displays, and directional signage that included classroom and bathroom identifiers.




Just like in the previous projects, we also created quote signage with one of their favorite Einstein quotes about the importance of imagination.


For this location, we were also commissioned to create massive exterior signage and we love how that bright orange pops against the neutral colors of the new facility.


Cohesive signage can help strengthen your brand identity no matter how far apart your locations may be. If your business has multiple locations that you’d like to tie together through branded signage, give us a call! Even if you don’t have a set logo in mind, we can help with that, too. 12Point SignWorks is here to help with all your sign design and installation needs.

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