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Boeing Tunnel Mural Installation for Clear Channel Over Two Nights

Think about the last time you were at the airport. Not necessarily out in a lounge or walking through the terminal to your gate, but walking down a hallway or tunnel to your flight or the garage. What did the walls look like? Were they bland, off-white, and scuffed with the marks of a thousand suitcases and carry-on bags from years past? We’ve worked with Clear Channel Airports a few times before to create a more aesthetically pleasing environment at the Nashville International Airport just by putting custom vinyl wraps on some of the bare columns throughout the terminals, in baggage claim areas, and outside. Not only do the custom vinyl wraps cover boring white columns, but they’re also a great way to advertise

This project with Clear Channel Airports went beyond a couple of vinyl wraps for support columns. This time, our team traveled to Alabama to install temporary full-coverage murals in the Boeing tunnels at the Huntsville International Airport. We’re talking about 24 panels of full coverage 3M vinyl that the team installed along the 321’ long tunnel. While we’ve worked on big projects, what makes this project so different is that we all know how busy airports can be during the day. Could you imagine our team trying to meticulously install these mural panels amidst the chaos of those crowds? We had a pretty simple solution: work at night, and boy, did we! The team worked tirelessly through the night two nights in a row to complete the installation without disrupting any airport or flight operations.




It’s like the tunnel that would never end! We are so proud of them as well as how everything turned out. Wall murals are a fantastic way to add some personality to bland walls. You can also put your brand throughout a space in unique ways with murals. If you’d like to see what options are available for your space, call today for your free consultation!


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