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Creating Privacy Through Creative Uses of Vinyl

When creating your office space, you have plenty of choices to make. One of them is how to ensure the privacy needed by customers and/or employees without boxing them into a small, dark corner. Another is how to let light flow freely through your office space. You also want to keep your office as attractive as possible, so customers want to be there and employees enjoy coming to work. The good news is that you can solve all these potential problems with one easy step: Adding vinyl to your work areas! Here’s how creative uses of vinyl can be the perfect privacy option for your office space.

Another Opportunity for Branding

When a client is sitting in your office, waiting for you to crunch out some numbers, write up a quote, or get off the phone with someone else, what are they doing? They’re usually looking around your office. Of course, you’ve likely decorated your office with things that make you happy or lead others to feel those same pleasant feelings. Imagine if those pleasant feelings revolved around your company’s logo? Whether your clients know it or not, the subliminal message has been received.

Creative Uses for Vinyl

With these window graphics for Ascend FSU in Murfreesboro, we incorporated their company mission statement into the privacy vinyl design. Custom window vinyl helped create a beautiful yet private setting to put their customers at ease.

Allow Natural Light to Reach Everywhere

Apparently, just about everyone in this country is a little short on vitamin D. While it would be lovely – for at least some of the year – to conduct business outside, that just can’t always be arranged. So the next best thing is to bring the light inside. Adding vinyl to glass keeps your office area blocked from view, ensuring your privacy and giving peace of mind to your clients, but it also lets the light shine through the space, unlike a wall.

Belmont Privacy Vinyl

This privacy vinyl at the Belmont University Center for Architectural Design shows how the outside windows still provide natural light. The custom window vinyl adds privacy and beauty through design.

Look Professional!

Getting a company such as 12-Point to come out and install your window vinyl ensures that it will come out looking great. We have the collaborative experience to be able to detail your custom décor perfectly. You will know the measurements are exact, and each corner looks sharp. No bubbles here! And as a bonus, the vinyl distracts from any streaks on the window it covers. Eyes are drawn more to the cool signage than the dirty fingerprints. Think less cleaning required for your windows!

Biscuit Love Privacy Vinyl

No flaws are found here in a project we did with our friends at Biscuit Love!

Now that you’ve seen the many creative uses of vinyl and how you can make your workspace beautiful while still allowing both light and privacy for everyone’s benefit, what’s stopping you from adding it to your office space? Get in touch with us at 12-Point SignWorks, and a qualified consultant can help your idea become a reality.


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