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Simple Signage Install for Brentwood Supplement Shop

Not all of our Project of the Week endeavors are time-consuming, major events. Businesses don’t always need us to design, print, and install everything from start to finish. Sometimes they’ll provide us with the graphic files, and we’ll print them off on the appropriate vinyl type for the job and install it for them. For this project, in one of the highest forms of flattery, it was another sign company requesting our assistance. Pinnacle - Install OnlyPinnacle Custom Signs, based in Buford, GA, reached out to have us install the channel letters and window graphics they manufactured for Natural Life, a CBD, vitamins, and supplements store in Brentwood, TN. We procured the lift, made the final electrical connection for the illuminated signage, and provided steel for the backing and any other paint needed on the day of installation. 

The good thing about 12Point SignWorks is that we can handle large projects, from brainstorming the design to manufacturing and installation, while humble enough to take on smaller projects or help other sign companies install theirs. No matter which category your project falls under, give us a call! We’re always happy to help.

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