Environmental Branding Graphics

The creation of a branded environment gives an organization the opportunity to transform a bland office interior into something WOW! The creation of an impactful space impresses the brand message onto clients and invites employee engagement with the brand.

Although this type of branding graphics is also known as "environmental graphics," the use of unique design and signage to brand corporate interiors doesn't necessarily have anything to do with being green! Environmental graphics are springing up in the trendiest and coolest up-and-coming companies in work spaces that blur the lines between utility and art.

They're called "environmental" graphics because they are a part of the environment of your office space. Honestly, any kind of interior business signage can be considered a type of environmental graphics, because signage is a key element in what shapes the design and branding of your building's work spaces and even in lobbies and break areas. So, what kind of environment do your interior business signs currently create for your clients and staff?

Environmental graphics, now sometimes being called "experiential" graphics, are designed elements that intentionally add to the branding and artistry of any room. These graphics can involve anything from giant wall murals to sign lettering to unique architectural pieces. Environmental graphics are used to creatively brand walls and windows, floor and ceilings, and even your nooks and crannies!

Branded environmental graphics set the tone, or environment, for a location. 12-Point SignWorks designs, builds and installs branded environments for an organization's interior spaces for work and for play.

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