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We put a vinyl wrap on our office desks!

Everyone once in a while we actually remember to do some fun interior signage for ourselves. Over the last weekend one of our wrap installers decided to put wrap vinyl over our office desks and work stations using leftover pieces of material in our shop.

Printing work station wrapped with blue vinyl. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

Our printing work station is now bright blue thanks to an Avery SW 900 wrap vinyl.

A lot of our desks have those faux-wood laminate tops typically seen on elementary school desks, so he decided to change them up in a fun, custom way. He started by cleaning the surfaces of the desks with rubbing alcohol to remove any residues or oils on the surface that would keep the vinyl from adhering to the surface. We also do this for vehicles and other items we typically wrap to make sure we have a fully prepped surface to work with.

After the alcohol dried up, it was time to apply the pieces of cut vinyl! He could have chosen to print graphics like our company logo on vinyl and apply them to the desks, but we like that using different colors of cut vinyl has a fun eclectic feel to it.

Vinyl wrapped desks. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

Red for another office!

Vinyl is applied to the surface by carefully laying it flat over the top and smoothly bringing the material over the curved edges on the sides. The whole piece is then smoothed out using wrap squeegees that help flatten out any trapped air bubbles or wrinkles in the surface. The wrap continues to the bottom side of the desk so the edges of the wrap are less likely to come in contact with things brushing up against it and causing it to peel up. Our installer also used a clear laminate adhesive tape along the edges of the wraps to keep them from peeling back.

Tiffany Blue vinyl wrapped desks. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

Here’s the front desk! It’s appropriately girly for the few females in the office.

In the end, we got a “Tiffany Blue” reception desk using Hexis HX 2000, an Oracal 970 RA Carmine red in another office, and an Avery SW 900 blue on our printing stations. Each desk also has a mouse pad made out of textured vinyl because sometimes computer mice don’t work well on highly smooth and reflective surfaces like the wrap vinyl. The Tiffany Blue desk has a mouse pad made out of Hexis vinyl in a brown leather texture and the other desks have 3M matte black mouse pads.

With all of the desks combined we are using at least a little bit of vinyl from most of our usual vinyl vendors. Pretty nifty, huh?

So what do you think?! Are these the colors you would have chosen? What vinyl application should we do next for 12-Point SignWorks’ offices? Leave a comment below!

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