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Updated Church Signage Guides the Way to St. Philip Catholic Church

Signage and branding are essential to any company’s success. Customers need to know where they’re going, and businesses need cohesive signage to stay distinguishable from competitors. Churches aren’t much different; they need a visual beacon to act as a lighthouse for the Lord’s house. Now that almost all COVID-19 restrictions have been removed, churches are opening their doors for in-person worship again. After so much time watching church services online, past, existing, and potential parishioners are looking for that beacon again. And that’s precisely why Father Ed from St. Philip Catholic Church reached out to us. Together, we revitalized their signage to be the lighthouse for their Lord’s house. Take a look at the updated church signage we worked on for St.Philip’s.

Church Signage

The refurbished signage for St. Philip’s stands out beautifully against the church behind it.

The Original Sign

When Father Ed contacted us about refurbishing the signage outside his church, we wanted to remain faithful to their past. Their original church signage had seen better days, which meant it had stood firm against the elements through the years. While that strength is something to be admired, time and changing seasons made it challenging to read the information on the sign. What once showed the schedule of services had faded beyond recognition.

Old St. Philip's Sign

Anyone could see how badly the church signage for St. Philips needed to be updated.

Bold Updated Church Signage

We temporarily moved the existing structure to our shop so the magic could begin. They wanted to keep the most recognizable aspects of the original church sign, so we kept the “Saint Philip” just as it was in the original sign. However, for the new sign, we kept things a lot simpler with just the name of the church and its “established by” date. All lettering was precision-cut from dimensional steel, painted to match, and then stud-mounted to the black steel panels. Once the refurbishing was completed, we returned the new and improved sign to its original base.

Sign Placement

Once completed, our team carefully placed the refurbished church signage back on its original base.

We felt blessed to be a part of this growth with St. Philip Catholic Church. We hope their refurbished sign acts as a beacon for their parishioners and a light for their path. If your church could use some signage updates, whether exterior or interior, give us a call!

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