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Liveminds III: Perforated Window Vinyl Completes Look on Futuristic Hummer

We’re fortunate to work on some pretty cool, customized vehicles. We thought we had almost seen them all, until our neighbors at Liveminds Adventure Escape asked us to install perforated window vinyl and text graphics on their amazing and completely customized Hummer!  

If you haven’t heard of Liveminds (located in Franklin), it’s the coolest new escape game concept in Middle Tennessee! It’s completely immersive … players feel like they’ve just stepped onto a movie set. The team members at Jonathan Martin Creative (JMC), who created Liveminds, design and fabricate themed environments, such as movie & TV sets, museum exhibits, theme park attractions, and more.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve shown you custom signage and branding projects we’ve completed for Liveminds. Here are links to those articles:

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Now, we’re excited to show you the perforated window vinyl and text graphics we installed to complete the look on Liveminds’ futuristic, industrial Hummer H2. Jonathan (of JMC) reached out to show us the concept for the Hummer. As you can see, his proof looks like something from a “Terminator” movie!

JMC created this original concept drawing for the Liveminds Hummer H2. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

This is the original design concept for the Hummer H2 that JMC shared with us. Needless to say, we were excited to see the real vehicle!

To create the Liveminds Hummer, JMC created and installed the futuristic-looking fiberglass panels which almost completely cover the vehicle’s body. We were super impressed when we saw the panels in person! JMC just needed us to add a couple of finishing touches, including the advertising graphics for Liveminds. For the rear side and back windows, we suggested perforated window vinyl to create a cohesive look. Perforated window vinyl has tiny holes in it, and is used to make graphics that appear opaque from the outside, but are still “see through” when sitting inside the vehicle.

The perforated vinyl on the sides of the vehicle include the Liveminds’ logo, web address, and phone number. The back window graphic contains additional wording to help advertise the venue. The window vinyl was laminated to provide protection from the sun. We also printed and installed the red and yellow custom text graphics on both doors. Here’s the final result. Hard to believe that’s a real, functional vehicle!

Check out the detail work on this amazing Hummer. JMC continues to amaze us! 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

Here it is … in the flesh! This has to be the coolest Hummer we’ve ever seen! Notice all the futuristic, industrial details.

Perforated window vinyl is a great way for Liveminds to promote their new venue! 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

This vibrant perforated window vinyl contains all the information a person would need to know to  learn more about Liveminds.

Perforated window vinyl is perfect for vehicle advertising! 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

Although this perforated window vinyl looks opaque, the driver and passengers can still see through it when sitting inside the vehicle.

If you’re lucky enough to see this cool Hummer driving around the Nashville area, go ahead and take a closer look. You’ll be amazed! Better yet, visit Liveminds, play one or both of the cool missions, and you will very likely see it parked outside!

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