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Liveminds II: More Custom Signage for the Coolest Escape Game Ever!

Lights…Camera…Action! Just imagine you’re on the set of a Hollywood action movie! You’re a secret agent, and it’s your job to infiltrate a terrorist’s hideout to disable a supercomputer before it takes over the US government and military. Now you can experience the excitement of being in a movie-like setting at Liveminds Adventure Escape in Franklin, TN! Liveminds is a unique, immersive new escape game for which we were fortunate to create exciting custom signage.

In last week’s Project of the Week article, we highlighted many of the exterior and main lobby interior signs we created for Liveminds. This week, we will focus on the custom signage we completed for the areas that are behind the scenes, in the missions: Knight Sky and Treasure of Pacari.

The elements we created for Liveminds are part of its branded interior. This means that all of the custom signs work together to help create the powerful branding that makes Liveminds so unique. Along with the movie-like sets that were created by JMC’s talented team, the signs we printed also help the guests further engage and become drawn into the games.

In Knight Sky, players are given the opportunity to become secret agents to avert a digital terrorist attack on all US government and military computers. For this mission, here are just a few of the custom signs we printed:

Translucent Vinyl

Knight Sky was designed to give players the feeling they are on the set of a real spy movie … similar to “Mission Impossible.” For this area, Jonathan Martin Creative (JMC), the super-talented creator of Liveminds, provided the digital artwork. The graphics contained computer screen images and information about the terrorists that the players investigate in each game. We printed the vibrant artwork on adhesive-backed, translucent vinyl and applied a matte laminate for protection. As you can see, these computer screens look like the real thing!

JMC provided the dynamic artwork for these computer screens. We printed the translucent vinyl. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

These computer screens draw players into the Knight Sky game by providing information about the terrorists they are trying to apprehend.

You will rarely see a good spy movie without agents using hand-scanners for entry into restricted areas. So of course, Liveminds had to incorporate hand scanners into their spy game experience!

For the scanners, JMC provided the artwork. We printed the graphics on sheets of translucent vinyl, which were then installed on light boxes. We’re sure players enjoy using these scanners to see where they can go next!

We printed the artwork for these hand scanners on translucent vinyl. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

Hand scanners are used in the Knight Sky game to allow players entry into restricted areas.

Interior Signs & Cut Vinyl Lettering

One area of the Knight Sky mission was designed to resemble the back streets of New York City. To create a city street, signs were needed. So, JMC asked us to print several custom interior signs. The first was a sign for “Culver Travel Agency.” Of course, this is a fictional company, but the sign is real. We printed this sign on ⅛” thick white PVC. You’ll notice the artwork has an aged look, to make it appear that this street in New York is older and outdated.

This weathered looking sign was printed on ⅛” thick white PVC. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

This weathered looking sign is located on the back streets of the New York City area of the Knight Sky game.

An old street in New York City wouldn’t be complete without a newspaper stand and an old telephone booth. Do those still exist today? They do at Liveminds! We printed the vinyl cut lettering for the traditional telephone sign. The newspaper, Centre Daily Times, was printed on ¼” thick white PVC.

You can see this old newspaper box and telephone booth in the Knight Sky game. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

This old, rusty newspaper distribution box and telephone booth are just two cool props you can see in the Knight Sky game at Liveminds.

Custom Printing on Canvas Material

In the Treasure of Pacari mission, players have to solve riddles and open secret doors, while avoiding dangerous booby traps, to save one of the world’s most important discoveries. The setting is the mysterious Aztec ruins. So this mission has more of an “Indiana Jones” feel to it.

We printed the riddles on a canvas material, which has a parchment-like texture. Although the canvas is new, it looks and feels aged. The weathered look was also a result of the graphics which were provided by JMC.

This material was a little different than what we typically use for branded interiors. From canvas, to paper, to textured, to standard vinyl … we can print on a wide variety of materials!

JMC's artwork (which has a weathered appearance) was printed on textured canvas. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

It’s amazing how old these pages look! The riddles for the Treasure of Pacari game were printed on textured canvas. The aged appearance comes from JMC’s artwork.

We really enjoyed working on these custom signage projects for Liveminds. We’re lucky to be located right next door, so we’ve seen the games come together from start to finish. And we can definitely say … we are impressed! We would love to show you more, but we can’t give away all of Liveminds’ secrets. 😉  

If you have an opportunity to visit Liveminds in Franklin, be sure to also stop by our shop to say hello. We would love to meet you, as well as give you a behind-the-scenes tour of our facility. Although we don’t have fun games to play, we can show you some pretty cool projects we might be working on when you visit!

Liveminds was such a fun project for us, that we decided to write one more article. So stay tuned to learn about the vehicle graphics we installed on the Liveminds’ Hummer. Their Hummer has been specially customized, so you won’t want to miss it!

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