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BIG Advertising from The Peach Cobbler Factory + Their Newest Vehicle Wrap!

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to drive business performance and profit. It is remarkable and rewarding to see all of the effort and long hours come together to make a successful business – that keeps growing and growing and growing! The growth and community outreach from our good friends at the Peach Cobbler Factory exemplifies how great it is to see a small company, like us, flourish.  

Let’s take a look at the newest vehicle wrap and the custom advertisement we completed for the southern dessert shop – who also has a BIG announcement!

Food Truck Wrap for The Peach Cobbler Factory by 12-Point SignWorks

The Peach Cobbler Factory has allowed us to design and fabricate a good portion of their custom signage and vehicle wraps over the past year. The truck shown above was the first food truck we wrapped for them.

The owners (Juan & Tami Edgerton) of The Peach Cobbler Factory announced they would be opening their second brick and mortar location in Smryna, TN on July 15th! Until the grand opening, you can still stop by the original location in Nashville, TN during business hours or catch up to the famous food truck that travels throughout the Middle Tennessee area.

Images of a few dessert choices at The Peach Cobbler Factory

If you haven’t tried their strawberry peach cobbler or the red velvet banana pudding, you are missing out! Photo Credit: The Peach Cobbler Factory

To prepare for the grand opening, they decided to add another vehicle to their fleet. Although their new vehicle is not another food truck, the 2007 Honda Fit will add to their mobile advertising success with its new custom wrap.

Our creative director, Torrence Webster, designed the full wrap similar to the food truck wrap we created and installed for them. The layout includes the company’s social media platforms, contact information, their logo, the signature peach on the back rear of the car, and, of course, their most famous recognition as “Voted Best Peach Cobbler on Earth.”

Newest Vehicle Wrap for The Peach Cobbler Factory installed by 12-Point SignWorks

You might have seen the Peach Cobbler Factory on the Food Network, the Travel Channel, Cooking with Paula Deen, in a Tennessean article, or in our previous blog article about them!

When the Edgertons told us they were opening another store location, we were not surprised! We are proud to see how far the couple has come since their move to Nashville in 2005 after evacuating from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

Torrence also designed the custom layout for two of their new billboards – which direct customers to their brand new location in Smryna. The billboard graphics also boldly display their slogan “Half Peach, Half Amazing.” – the best phrase to summarize the experience of trying one of their mouth-watering desserts.

Owner, Juan Edgerton, in front of The Peach Cobbler Factory's new Billboard

We can’t wait to see what the new store will look like!

Watching how the local food truck and dessert lounge have thrived throughout the nation, and seeing people from all over traveling to get a taste of the cobbler magic, is inspiring. We are honored to be able to partner with such a successful company that continues to accomplish the impossible. 

If you have a local food truck or business that could use an extra boost of engaging advertisement to expand your brand, let us help you make that boost happen! Not only do we specialize in vehicle advertising wraps and custom graphic designs, but we also specialize in lobby and logo signs, window graphics, murals, event signage, architectural displays, environmental branding, tradeshow displays, and custom projects.

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