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Architectural Display Showcases Music Icons for Warner Music Group

Did you know that we do so much more than corporate branding signs and vehicle wraps? We also enjoy working with local and international design firms that bring us cool custom projects like this one! TollesonMcCoy, a design firm in Nashville, hired us to to print, fabricate and install a large scale architectural display for Warner Music Group (WMG). The ingenuity and historical significance behind this project are what makes it so exciting!

Architectural Display for Warner Music Group, designed by TollesonMcCoy, fabricated by 12-Point SignWorks.

We love the look of this architectural display for Warner Music Group, custom designed by TollesonMcCoy.

TollesonMcCoy worked with WMG to design interior signage and a branded “family wall” for WMG’s new U.S. Shared Services group in Nashville. The firm designed the layered photo display as a centerpiece for the office.

The design for this architectural display included several layers:

  1. Bottom Layer – Vinyl wall murals, which included a blue sound wave graphic from WMG’s tagline
  2. Middle Layer – Strips of torn paper, which included excerpts from historical WMG record deals and contracts. These also included a few signatures of legendary WMG artists, like Aretha Franklin and David Bowie.
  3. Top Layer – Famous photographs of several top performing WMG artists, including Prince, Madonna, Stevie Knicks, Tom Petty, Phil Collins, Frank Sinatra and more.

To create the vinyl wall coverings, we printed the sound wave graphic on high performance vinyl and applied a protective laminate. The sound wave was split into two wall murals, which were installed on the walls above and below the staircase.

Sound Wave Wall Mural for Warner Music Group Printed & Installed by 12-Point SignWorks.

The sound wave was used as a background graphic for the display.

We created the paper strips by printing the text and graphics on watercolor paper with solvent print. We ripped the edges and stressed the paper to make it look worn and old. The strips were mounted to ¼” PVC and then mounted vertically onto the wall murals.

Hand torn strips of paper applied to ACP and then installed for Warner Music Group and TollesonMcCoy by 12-Point SignWorks.

These strips of paper were hand torn in our shop.

Thirty photographs of music legends were printed in black and white on ⅛” thick brushed aluminum ACP using our flatbed printer. They were framed and then installed on the top layer of the mural, using custom built angle brackets. The brackets gave the images a dimensional look by allowing them to stand off from the wall and other elements. Pretty cool effect!

Warner Music Group Music Icons printed on Brushed Aluminum by 12-Point SignWorks.

We had no idea Warner Music Group has worked with so many legendary clients.

Here’s another look at this beautiful architectural wall display. We have to admit … it was pretty cool seeing the photos of music icons in our shop for a few days!

Architectural Display for Warner Music Group, designed by TollesonMcCoy, fabricated by 12-Point SignWorks.

Talk about grabbing attention. We love this unique photo display!

We were honored that TollesonMcCoy asked us to help with this project and are extremely proud of how it turned out. We hope people who work at WMG and visitors are enjoying the new display as much as we enjoyed it building it!

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