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We’re Checking Out Some of the Coolest Food Truck Wraps in Nashville!

Food trucks are all the rage in Nashville! With an abundance of outdoor festivals, concerts, food truck events, and even a local food truck association, more chefs and restaurants are embracing mobile cuisine. They’re also finding ways to differentiate themselves with unique, eye-catching designs on food truck wraps.

Nashville Food Trucks

To celebrate the local food truck culture, we’re recognizing some of Nashville’s most exciting food truck wrap designs. To create this list, we looked at local food trucks on the Nashville Guru site and researched the Nashville Food Truck Association’s list of members. We also pulled from our own experience with food trucks that we’ve wrapped here in our shop, as well as those we’ve seen (and enjoyed meals from) around town.

Although we didn’t wrap all of these trucks (we wrapped five on this list!), we appreciate the talent and expertise of other wrap designers and installers in the Middle Tennessee area. Now let’s take a look at some of our favorite local designs!

Full Coverage Wraps:

We love bold, striking color … especially on a food truck! Full-coverage truck wraps, like the ones shown below, cover the majority or all of the vehicle’s painted surfaces. These food trucks definitely grab attention with fun (and sometimes funky) designs.

Partial Wraps:

Partial food truck wraps are often less expensive than full coverage wraps, but provide the same professional look. On a partial wrap, the vehicle’s paint is exposed on 25-75% of the vehicle. Here are some great examples of fun, eye-catching partial wraps that can be found in the Nashville area.

Printed and Cut Vinyl Graphics

Printed and cut vinyl graphics are the most cost-effective option for food truck owners who are watching their budget or just want to keep their design clean and uncluttered. The fun Two Thompson’s Catering trailer is a fun example of advertising with printed and cut vinyl graphics.

We love the fun food truck wraps in this article! The owners took the time to think about how to appeal to their customers, and the designers and installers did an amazing job on the wraps. These are just a small sample of the many awesome food trucks in the Nashville area. If you see a local food truck we didn’t mention that has a super cool wrap design, send us a tweet at @12pointsigns. We would love to hear from you!

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