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We Miss The Office Too! Ways to Bring Your Office Space Home

Oftentimes, most of us complain about going to work and clocking in daily to see the same people. However, in a complicated way, the “Stay at Home” order has helped us realize how much we actually love and care about our work environment. 

We miss Karen making coffee for the office in the morning, even if it’s sometimes not as strong as John makes it. We also miss the random meme pictures on the office refrigerator or lunch room bulletin board that everyone contributes to. Most of all, we really miss the work space we specifically created for ourselves. It’s our second home; from the perfect place we put our coffee cup or the new calendar we bought from Walmart to fill that empty space on our wall. 

Relatable Memes by 12-Point SignWorks

They are the only people who care about your opinions of the job and have the same lunch schedule.

Since we too have to work from home, we understand that it can be stressful or just not comfortable. However, it doesn’t have to be. You can bring your special workspace right to your home. 

Team Member of 12-Point Working from Home

Our Sales Support/Project Coordinator, Rachel, has the perfect working from home starter pack: sweatpants, house slippers, a messy bun, a Coke, and Lysol wipes.

The Perfect Spot

Before you think about what type of new pen holder to get, you should first think about a good spot for your home office. We suggest a place that has natural lighting with an ambience to help your productivity. 

Along with natural lighting, think about buying an adjustable task lamp that can illuminate specific focused work such as your computer, your planner, or some documents that need to be signed and revised. Another tip to consider is to make sure the lighting can be adjusted throughout the day to avoid glare and eye strain.

Well Lit Office Space; Natural Lighting and Focused Light for your New Home Office

If you mainly use natural materials for your work, position your desk close to the window to benefit from as much daylight as possible. Photo Source:Pooky.com

The next thing we suggest is to find a space with limited noise that cannot distract you from your work. You are probably thinking to yourself, “I have kids, there is no such thing as limited noise space.” Well, have you ever thought about creating a space for them with yours?

Relatable Memes

Maybe there is a such thing as too much quality time.

The Kids Are Alright

While out of school for the rest of the semester, the kids have homework to do or art projects they want or you want them to focus on while you are working. In your work space, you can design a creative, small work area for them too. The space can include a small table and a comfy chair (one that helps with posture) where they can place their laptop or tablet to work on homework. You can also get creative with them and design storage containers for their favorite pencils, markers, and other art materials to hang on the walls in their space. Make it organized and fit to their liking as you would for your own office space. 

Creative Kids Desk Fit for Their Personality in Your New Home Office

For your shared spaced, consider a wall mounted desk for your kids. This creates more space for other decor or storage bins. Photo Source: Crate&Kids.com

Working alongside your kids does not have to be a distraction, but a great way to bond together as you both focus on tasks. They will enjoy feeling like a busy business woman or man just like you. They also make great secretaries to help you both keep your workspace organized.

Kids Make the Best Secretaries at New Home Spaces, 12-Point Team

Jeni’s daughter, Taylor, shows us a better learning game than Solitaire during work hours.

The Fun Part

Now, you can finally think about that pen holder. The second most important part, after you have settled into which space of the house fits you best, is organizing and designing your work space. You want to make sure everything has its own specific area on your desk, on your smaller desk that’s connected, or stored in your filing cabinet that also doubles as a work surface. It is critical for you to have everything uncluttered in order to remain productive and focused throughout the day. 

Example of an Organized Desk by the 12-Point Team

A perfect example of a tidy desk, but we all are wondering which computer has the most desktop clutter.

However, the design of your work space does not have to be formal, but as creative and comfortable as you please. Remember, this is your second home inside of the first. Some ideas of what you can do to “WOW” up your space can include

Infographic of How to "WOW' Your Workspace by 12-Point SignWorks

Photo Source: Lovelyving.com

We Are In This Together

Like we mentioned before, we know that working from home can sometimes be overwhelming when there are so many distractions around you. However, we also know with a little time (and we have a lot of time now!) and creativity you can bring your special workplace from the office to the comfort of your home. 

If you need any help with ideas for custom wall graphics or signage that you would like in your home that may be for inspirational purposes or to caution the kids that you are in a business meeting, please feel free to contact us any time during our business hours for any insight. 

12-Point Team Member Shows Us the Don't of a Workspace

Creative Director, Torrence, doesn’t know what organization means, but he knows a thing or two about a comfortable work space!

Maybe you are a local business that needs help redesigning your work space to create the same feel-good energy as a home office, we can help with that too! 

Give us a call at (615) 595-6564 or click the button below to get your project started. We look forward to hearing from you!

DISCLAIMER: Due to the “Stay at Home” order, production and installation are limited to only essential businesses, however we can still assist with design and estimates for their projects. 

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