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Vehicle Advertising: How Much Do You Need to Get Noticed?

Vehicle advertising is extremely effective when it comes to marketing a business or organization. A custom wrapped vehicle can be seen by thousands of potential customers a day as it is driven around town or even when it’s parked in a driveway, parking lot or business location. Many small companies are intimidated by the price of a full-coverage custom vehicle wrap, which is why we also offer lower-cost alternatives. This article will explain the different options, so you can choose the vehicle advertising that works best for your budget.

Full-Coverage Wrap:

A full-coverage wrap will definitely give you the professional look that you desire. Full-coverage advertising wraps cover the majority or all of the vehicle’s painted surfaces. This type of wrap is used to completely transform the vehicle’s appearance without the expense or permanence of a paint job.

The images below show a great example of a full-coverage custom vehicle wrap. We designed, digitally printed and installed this advertising wrap for 3-D Technology. This was one of our more expensive custom wraps since every painted surface on this passenger van was covered, including the roof and windows. This custom wrap completely transformed the look of the original plain white van into a black van with digital graphics. As you can see, there’s no question that this beautiful wrap is getting plenty of attention!

Full-coverage custom wrap for 3-D Technology. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

This is a great example of a full-coverage custom wrap. Hard to believe this van was white before this transformation!

Partial Wrap:

Although a full-coverage wrap offers the most space for advertising your brand, partial wraps can provide the same professional look for a fraction of the cost! The original factory paint is still exposed on 25-75% of the vehicle with a partial wrap, so the design and colors used in a partial wrap must complement the vehicle’s paint color.

Here are two great examples of partial advertising wraps. The first one was designed and installed for Genesis Glass & Mirror. The original paint color on this Kia Soul was black. The circular teal and white pattern in the wrap design worked well against the black paint. Notice there is no vinyl coverage above the windows or near the back side of the vehicle.

Partial wrap for Genesis Glass & Mirror. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

The black areas on this car are the original paint. Because the white and teal vinyl covers more than 25% of the metal surfaces, we consider this a partial wrap.

Here’s another very effective partial wrap. We designed, digitally printed and installed this custom wrap for Southeast Painting. Although this red and white custom vehicle wrap covers less than half of the vehicle’s surfaces, it’s still very effective in getting the company name and contact information in front of potential customers.

Partial wrap for Southeast Painting. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

This partial wrap for Southeast Painting was quick to install and does a great job of communicating the company’s contact information.

Printed and Cut Vinyl Graphics

Printed and cut vinyl graphics are another cost-effective option for vehicle advertising. Graphics which contain artwork or several colors (such as company logos) can be digitally printed on high-quality adhesive vinyl, laminated and then contour cut to follow the shape of the graphic. Letters and small, single color icons or graphics can also be created for vehicles by cutting the shapes out of standard vinyl colors we carry in our shop.

Here are two examples of printed and cut vinyl graphics that we installed on two business vehicles. On Amelia’s Flower Truck, we digitally printed Amelia’s logo onto high-quality vinyl and then contour cut around the logo to create the door graphics. The letters and social media icons were cut from standard white and black vinyl. The printed and cut vinyl graphics were just enough to provide branding without taking away from the fun look of the Volkswagen truck!

Printed and Cut Vinyl Graphics for Amelia's Flower Truck. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

This VW “truck” is already so cool, it only needed minimal vehicle advertising. We love the look of the printed graphics and cut vinyl letters and icons!

We also installed the red and black printed and cut vinyl graphics on this truck for The Bug Authority. As you can see, even just a little advertising goes a long way!

Printed and cut vinyl graphics for The Bug Authority. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

Printed and cut vinyl graphics are very effective for companies like The Bug Authority.

If you’re still reading this article, then you must be interested in some type of advertising for your company vehicle or vehicles. Smart move! As you can see, we offer many options, and we can work together to find a solution that’s right for you.

For more information about vehicle wraps (including estimated costs for design, printing and installation), read our blog article: Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Wraps. And to learn more about our design process for vehicle wraps, read this article: A Guide to Understanding our Vehicle Wrap Design Process.

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