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Using architectural display hardware for custom office signs

Architectural display systems can add sophistication and a modern look to a custom office sign or display. This type of display hardware is typically fabricated from aluminum but can also be brass, steel, and even plastic. The most common finishes are natural anodized aluminum in brushed or satin, but other finishes include chrome, gold, black, and brass. Many of these products are useful for both indoor sign systems as well as outdoor signs.

Architectural hardware is most frequently used in the form of standoffs to create a dimensional look that physically separates a custom office or business sign from its background. Standoffs can be either a “through-hole” or “edge grip” style, and the decision of whether to use one or the other is mostly aesthetic but is also dependent upon the type of sign or display material being held by the standoff.

"Through-hole" and "edge grip" style standoffs for architectural display signage. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

The directory sign pictured above (left) uses ‘through-hole’ standoffs, while the “Birmingham” sign above (right)
incorporates the ‘edge grip’ style. 

Architectural display of the Hunt Brothers Pizza business timeline. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

An architectural display wall (using standoffs) that we designed and installed for Hunt Brothers Pizza.

Cable display systems use aircraft-grade steel cabling to stretch between wall-mounted or ceiling-to-floor anchors. The cabling is tensioned between these anchors. Decorative sign panels, shelves, and clear acrylic sign holders can be attached to the cabling with hardware that helps to create unique and professional-looking custom business signs. The pictures below show cable display systems in use for a creative display at a city welcome center as well as for retail display signage.

Cable display systems. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

In addition to the cable style of architectural display hardware, there is a series of components that are compatible with a solid rod assembly that provides a more rigid structure with the same aesthetic look as the cable system. The custom wayfinding sign pictured below (left) uses a rod structure hanging from the ceiling to support various panels fastened with standoff hardware. Larger and more complex arrays of sign panels can also be displayed using the rod display systems as pictured below (center and right).

Rod systems used for architectural displays. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

We enjoy the opportunity to help create custom office and business signs, and the use of architectural display hardware can create a unique and professional flair for any sign.

Contact us today to discuss the use of this type of display hardware in your business display signage. 12-Point SignWorks provides custom lobby signs, indoor business signs, and outdoor commercial signs that will communicate your brand and your message to customers.

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