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The Best Method for Repairing Vinyl Wraps

If you’ve invested in a vinyl wrap for your commercial vehicle (or fleet of vehicles), you know how important it is to protect your investment. But sometimes accidents happen. Fortunately, vinyl wraps can be repaired. This article will explain the method we prefer for repairing damaged vinyl.

Damage to Gunner Kennels' Trailer Wrap. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

Gunner Kennels sent us this photo of their damaged trailer wrap. Fortunately, the damage was isolated to the front panel of the trailer.

There are a few different ways to repair vinyl, and we typically stick with our “tried and true” method. Although some repairs can be patched, we only suggest replacing the entire panel where the damage has occurred. This ensures a nice, professional look with all seams hidden and no edges showing around the repaired areas. To give you an example, here’s a recent repair that we did for our friends at Gunner Kennels in Nashville, TN.

One of Gunner Kennels’ front panels on their wrapped trailer was damaged in an accident. The most unfortunate part was that it was located on a photo of the company’s namesake: Gunner. Needless to say, it was important for the damage to be repaired right away! Take a look at the photos above and below to see the afflicted area.

Damage to Gunner Kennels' Trailer Wrap. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

Here’s a closer look at the damage. Poor Gunner wasn’t looking too good!

Shortly after the accident, the damaged piece of sheet metal and vinyl wrap were cut out which exposed the frame system and wood underneath. The trailer was taken to a body shop to fix the damaged metal.

Gunner Kennel Trailer Wrap Before Vinyl Repair. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

This is how the trailer looked when it was dropped off at our shop. Notice the shiny new piece of sheet metal.

When Gunner Kennels brought the trailer to us, the entire metal sheet was new and no longer wrapped in vinyl. Our challenge was to match the new vinyl as closely as possible to the older wrap, since it was installed more than three years ago. Our designer pulled up the old design files and did a color match to see how much fading had occurred. Fortunately the older vinyl was still in great shape, so very little adjustments were needed.

We printed the new vinyl and installed it on the trailer. As you can see from this photo, the replacement vinyl was a pretty close match. You have to look closely to tell that the wrap or trailer had any damage at all!

Repaired trailer wrap for Gunner Kennels. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

Here’s the newly repaired trailer! It’s nice to see Gunner’s handsome face again!

This was a pretty easy repair since the surface area was flat and the original vinyl had only slightly faded. Repairs can be a little more tricky on other vehicles, depending on the amount of time the wrap has been installed on the vehicle, as well as how much fading has occurred over time. However, as long as the original vinyl is in good condition and we have the original art files, we can typically find a good, workable solution.

If your vinyl wrap needs a repair, bring it by our shop. You can also give us a call at (615) 595-6564 or click on the button below. We would be happy to provide a complimentary consultation and estimate!

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