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Matte black hood wraps: Freshest car wrap trend on the road!

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk among car enthusiasts about a recent trend in Middle Tennessee: matte black hood wraps!

What is a matte car wrap?

Matte refers to the sheen of the material used to wrap the car. Matte is the opposite of glossy, so it does not reflect light as much as a glossy finish would.

How much does a hood wrap cost?

It ultimately depends on the size and complexity of your car. Hoods with complex contours, hardware, or emblems can kick the price of a hood wrap up a little. This is not a “one size fits all”.

What types of matte wraps are available?

The “matte” look comes standard in white and black but we can also create custom matte wraps, in a variety of colors or printed graphics. (These colors also are available with a glossy or textured finish.)

How long does it take to wrap the hood of a car?

Usually hoods aren’t terribly labor intensive, so sometimes it only takes a couple of hours in the shop, and then you drive home in your matte black hood wrapped vehicle!

Is the wrap permanent?

We use premium vinyl wrap materials that are considered removable. Depending upon the material and the way the wrap is cared for, these wraps can look great for many years.

If you decide to sell your car later, the car wrap can be removed, and you still have the value associated with the original paint.


Porsche 911 – the contrast of the glossy black against the matte hood looks fantastic!

Custom matte black hood wrap on a Porsche 911. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

1975 Toyota Celica – we loved the white contrast with the black hood, it’s a great modern twist on an older car!

Matte black hood wrap on a 1975 Toyota Celica. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TNWarning: when you wrap the hood, you might be tempted to get the whole car wrapped in matte black or to do some other style of color change car wrap. Once you see how cool the matte wrap looks on your car, you’ll want more!

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