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Laminating Commercial Auto Wraps: Why the Extra Protection is Necessary

We’ve been fortunate to install commercial auto wraps for years and have seen many vehicles come back to our shop for removal and replacement. So naturally, we understand how long the laminating process can extend the life of vinyl. Here are several reasons why laminating is one of the most important steps to ensure a long lasting, quality vinyl wrap.

Laminate is applied to an auto wrap. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

This photo shows a vehicle wrap in the process of being laminated. Our technicians carefully wipe the vinyl material to make sure dust does not get between the vinyl and laminate.

Laminate is an overlay of flexible plastic that provides protection to the top layer of vinyl. For printed advertising wraps, we typically use premium 1.5 Mil gloss polyurethane overlaminate with a smooth, high gloss finish. It conforms well to irregular surfaces and the unique contours of vehicles.

The graphics in commercial auto wraps are printed on the surface of the vinyl using our wide format HP printer. As the ink dries and cures, it is left susceptible to abrasion and moisture. The top layer of laminate is used to protect this ink layer. We allow the ink to dry for a few hours before applying the laminate to the vinyl.

In addition to protecting the ink, laminate provides many other great benefits, including the following:

Ease of Installation (and Removal)

The addition of laminate to vinyl makes it thicker, more durable and easier to apply. The wrap material is easier to reposition and less prone to bubbles and wrinkles when it’s laminated. Removal is also easier when laminate has been applied.

Vinyl wrap installation. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

Laminate creates a more rigid and forgiving vinyl wrap, which is especially helpful during the installation process. And look at that shine!

UV and Abrasion Protection

Laminate extends the life of vinyl by providing excellent UV and abrasion resistance.​ Without the extra protection, it wouldn’t take long for your vehicle wrap to look faded and start to show scratches from road wear. With proper care and cleaning, laminate keeps the vinyl looking vibrant for many years.

Moisture Resistance

Live in a humid location or are extreme temperatures an issue? Laminate protects against those conditions, too. The ink on printed vinyl is especially susceptible to moisture. The protective overlaminate seals the vinyl and creates a wipeable surface, ideal for outdoor conditions.

Variety of Finishes

Although we mostly use high gloss, laminate is available in a variety of finishes, including matte, satin, and luster. If you want to create a unique look with less shine, satin or matte are great options.

12-Point SignWorks Custom Van Wrap - Franklin, TN

Our own 12-Point SignWorks van has a vinyl wrap with satin laminate. This wrap also contains a few spot graphics with gloss laminate and reflective lettering.

Laminating is an important step that can’t be missed when creating commercial auto wraps. If you would like to learn more about how we create advertising wraps, stop by our shop. We would love to give you a tour and explain our process in more detail!

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