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How Custom Directional Signage Can Keep Your Visitors Moving

Directional signage (also known as wayfinding signage) provides visitors clear instructions for navigating a large building or campus. After all, don’t you feel more at home in a space when you can quickly find your way? If you’ve been considering permanent or temporary directional signage for your location, here are some of our most popular options.

Temporary directional signage at Vanderbilt University conference. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

From vinyl wall and window graphics, to textured surface vinyl, we offer a wide variety of materials and options for your directional signage.

Custom Signage

Traditional custom signage is always a great option for wayfinding. We create stand-alone signs (such as those shown below) using materials like digitally printed vinyl on aluminum composite panel (ACP) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic for long-term installations and coroplast for more temporary use. We fabricated the signs below for 2700 Charlotte Avenue Apartments in Nashville. 

Custom directional signage for 2700 Charlotte Avenue Apartments in Nashville. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

We designed and fabricated these custom signs to direct visitors to the leasing office at 2700 Charlotte Avenue Apartments in Nashville.

Vinyl graphics

Digitally printed vinyl graphics are an excellent option for directional signage. We offer vinyl graphics for permanent (or long-term) use with strong adhesive. For temporary events, we also offer high-quality vinyl with a low-tack adhesive. The adhesive is strong enough to hold throughout the event, but then easily removable with no remaining residue.

As seen in the photo below, we fabricated and installed permanent vinyl directional graphics for Harpeth Christian Church in Franklin, TN. The signage was designed to point visitors to the main areas of the building from the main lobby. This is an excellent example of how to effectively use directional signage.

Directional signage for Harpeth Christian Church. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

We installed vinyl directional graphics for Harpeth Christian Church in Franklin. Visitors can quickly find their desired location with this great signage!

Textured surface vinyl

Textured surface vinyl is often used on “rough” interior and exterior surfaces such as brick, concrete, hard surface floors, and even carpet. This material is applied to hard surfaces using a high temperature heat gun and foam roller. It can be applied to sealed and unsealed surfaces and doesn’t leave any residue when removed. Textured surface vinyl is a great temporary solution for conferences and other short-term events, but can also be applied for longer term use.

Textured surface vinyl. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

Textured surface vinyl works great on “rough” surfaces such as carpet, brick, aggregate, and concrete.

Perforated and solid vinyl window graphics

Windows are also great for directional or wayfinding signage. We use solid vinyl window graphics for smaller applications, such as decals. For full coverage graphics, we suggest perforated vinyl. Perforated window vinyl appears opaque from the outside, but is still “see through” from inside the building. We printed and installed perforated vinyl on the windows for SkyHouse Apartments in Nashville to direct potential residents to the leasing office. For some examples, see the image below.

Perforated and solid window vinyl. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

Perforated vinyl works best when covering entire windows. Solid window graphics work well when covering smaller portions of the glass.

Elevator & Column Wraps

Elevators and columns are often overlooked, but they’re great surfaces for eye-catching signage. In the photos below, we applied temporary adhesive-backed vinyl to columns and elevators during the Society for Financial Studies (SFS) Cavalcade North America 2017 event held at the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University. We placed vinyl directional signage throughout the exterior and interior surfaces of the buildings where the conference was held. The vinyl was quickly removed after the conference. To learn more about this project, read our project of the week article: Event Wayfinding Signage for Owen Graduate School at Vanderbilt University.

Column and Elevator Wraps. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

Don’t forget columns and elevators. They’re perfect for wayfinding signage!

As you can see, there are many great options for permanent or temporary wayfinding signage, and many more that are not listed here. If you have an event coming up or just need to help people more effectively navigate your location, we can help!

In addition to directional signage, we also specialize in vehicle advertising wraps, custom lobby & logo signs, wall murals, window graphics, architectural signage, trade show displays, and custom projects. We serve all of Middle Tennessee, including Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Hendersonville, La Vergne, Lebanon, Spring Hill and Murfreesboro.

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