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Funny Signs: Because Laughter is Good for You!

We thought we would take a break from our regularly scheduled blog posts to catch up on some of the latest funny signs. There’s nothing like a good sense of humor to make the days just a little brighter! Besides, we all need a good laugh, right? So here goes!

Photo source: https://www.ba-bamail.com

Hahaha! I wonder why they felt the need to make this sign? Makes you wonder too, doesn’t it?

Photo source: https://www.editorchoice.com/airport-signs/

Every mom in the world can appreciate this one! 😉

Photo Source: https://styleblueprint.com/nashville/everyday/the-funny-signs-at-rosepepper-cantina-taco-quotes/

If only tacos weren’t SO unbelievably tasty!!!! (BTW, this Nashville restaurant is famous for its always witty signage!)

Photo source: https://www.reddit.com

This is my kind of yard sale! 

Photo source: https://brightside.me

We need to know where this is! The 12-Point guys are getting out of control! 😉

Have you ever really thought about this one? Which twin was unplanned? 😉

Photo source: https://www.tes.com

Where do we get one of these dogs?!

Photo source: http://epicalm.com

Poor kids! But you have to admit, this is pretty funny!

Someone put a lot of work into this homemade sign! Maybe we should hire this guy?!

Photo source: https://www.inspiremore.com/funny-school-signs/

This is what we tell our kids every year! 🙂

So that’s it for this round of funny signs. If you see an amusing sign around town, send us a photo at @12pointsigns. We would love to share it! Want to see more signs that will make you smile? Check out: These Funny Custom Signs May Be the Highlight of Your Day!

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