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Experiential Design: The Magic Behind the Customer Experience

Have you ever heard your favorite music artist say, “Without my fans, I wouldn’t be where I am today”? Well, the same saying applies to successful companies everywhere. However, instead of calling them fans, companies might refer to them as customers, patrons, or clients.  

The consistent support from customers, such as purchasing products/services, helps businesses thrive and establish a well-respected brand in their market. However, traditional media ads can only go so far in gaining customer engagement. In recent years businesses have become more innovative in creating an interactive or storytelling experience for consumers—achievable with experiential design. 

Dimensional Wall Graphic for Lamar National Bank in Celina,TX

One of the purposes of a brand development strategy is to cement the brand in the minds of customers as “the” go-to brand for the particular product or service of interest. (The photo shown above is a branded, dimensional wall graphic we installed for Lamar National Bank in Celina, TX.)

What is Experiential Design? 

Experiential design (also known as environmental design) focuses on several areas of influence to build an environment (facility space) that will connect people’s emotions to your product/services and give them a better understanding of who you are. The environment’s design elements can include:

  • Branded Signage for Office, Retail, and Restaurant Spaces
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Architectural Displays 
  • Exhibition Design for Museums, Concerts, Trade Shows, or Art Galleries
  • Interactive Digital Installations (i.e., Holographic imagery, video mapping, and other motion graphics)
Experiential Design Project for Rosedale Federal Credit Union / 12-PointSignWorks/ NewGround

The photo above shows the transformation of Rosedale Federal Credit Union’s teller back wall- one of our past experiential branding projects. It exemplifies a small way you can turn your bland space into something that will make your customers’ eyes wide with admiration.

Customer satisfaction, increased sales, high employee retention rates, and national or global brand recognition are just a few benefits that can come from planning and creating an environment for customers to enjoy at your facility and in their thoughts on the way home.

Experiential Design & Employee Wellness

We are all driven by experience, especially when we decide to work for a company. When you think of your ideal work environment, you may think of several design elements or engagements that cater to what you will need to feel motivated, inspired, or happy to be a part of regularly.

Those thoughts about your needs are what interior designers and architectural firms think of when incorporating experiential design to an office layout. 

Example of A Biophilic Design Throughout A Office Space

Create a biophilic design with bright colors to bring the outdoors into the office – this provides your employees with familiarity and comfort while they transition from working at home.

Experiential design is more than about focusing on your customers’ connection to your brand & culture, but acknowledging your employees’ attitude towards it as well. Studies have shown that employees tend to think highly of where they work when they feel like the company environment caters to their needs to be creative and fluid. 

Likewise, adding design elements like motivational graphics or personal-centric spaces for employees to re-charge increases productivity and improves employee wellness. In return, companies build a stronger foundation with their current employees, and their brand awareness has a positive outlook toward future talented hires. 

Experiential Design / Wall Graphic for Loews Hotel/ 12-Point SignWorks

For a more detailed look into how experiential design can make a positive impact on employees, check out our past work with Loews Hotel to create custom graphics for their “Heart of House”.

The Apple Experience

Apple Inc. is an excellent example of how a company benefits from using experiential design to connect their branding culture with their targeted audience. 

Apple’s customer engagement success stems from their simple, high-end, and theatrical media ads that captivate the “wandering” mind of how technology can advance our future. They use the same high-end simplicity and futuristic experience in their products, the product packaging, and throughout their store layout. As a result, customers love it!

Even with changes over the years, consumers are still sold on the consistency of the Apple brand and hooked on the idea that being a part of the Apple community gives them a “leg up” in an advanced world. More importantly, they feel a part of the experience.

Apple Inc. Retail Storefront

Innovation is a touchpoint used to create customer engagement, but it’s the value and emotional connection consumers/customers feel as a result of the branding experience that encourages them to continue coming back for more.

With 12+ years of experience in experiential design, we know first hand that creating an effective branded environment doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes time for company leaders and marketing teams to analyze their customers’ behaviors and interactions, discuss employee needs in an office space, develop (and redevelop) a content strategy, craft a proposal, and finally gather the right people and material to complete an experiential design. (Whew!) 

Experiential Design Concept for a Home Office Space

Although people have returned to the workplace amid the pandemic crisis, others still work from home. If you are currently working remotely and need design ideas for an at-home office space, check out our past article, “We Miss The Office Too! Ways to Bring Your Office Space Home.”

The experiential design process is demanding and can be overwhelming; however, partnering with other top-notch marketing agencies or design firms can help ease the stress. Here at 12-Point SignWorks, our team of experienced fabricators has worked with many innovative companies to create a branding experience customers will love and associate with for years to come and we are ready to work with YOU next!

Besides fabrication and installation for experiential graphic design projects, our expertise also extends to other custom projects, tradeshow displays, architectural displays, and we are well-known in the Middle Tennessee area for our vehicle advertising wraps.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to work with us to get started on your next experiential branding project, contact us today at 615-595-6564 or click the link below. 

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