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The Evolution of the Sign Industry

For over 10 years, our company has created beautiful and unique custom signage and graphics for the Middle Tennessee area. Our expertise ranges from vehicle wraps, to wall murals, logo designs, and even a wrap for Alicia Keys’ piano.

We push ourselves daily to expand our creativity and skills to build custom designs you can’t find just anywhere. Even with the experiences we gain constantly, it is important to recognize where all this creativity began. 

12-Point Team: Experts with Signage

Our 12-Point Team member, Greg, working on a past interior signage project for Merit Labs.

What is Signage & How Did It Get Its Start?

Imagine a world without signs. There will be no traffic signs, no directions to how to navigate throughout big cities, or signs that show you where free tacos are located. It’s a pretty scary thought, right? Signs were created as a necessity for our world to develop and have structure. 

According to some research, the history of signage dates back to ancient Greek and Rome. During that time, merchants would carve or draw symbols on wood or stone to display the type of business or government location. The creativity of these signs began to grow as merchants would ask town artists to create elaborate signs for their businesses in order to stand out. This continued all the way to American colonial times. 

Manuel on Uniform Traffic Control Signage in 1927

Pre-MUTCD signs were highly variable, as seen in a 1927 sign catalog. Credit: RoadTrafficSigns.com)

The growth and innovation of signage began to explode as our culture became more industrialized. From the inventions of the printing press in 1440, to gas lights that allowed signs to shine bright in the late 1800’s , to plastic that allowed printing to become faster in the mid 1900’s, and now modern technology that has provided multiple advertisement platforms,  the signage revolution soared through our homes and the hearts of our cities. 

Hatch Show Print Iconic Sign

Example of gas lights used in signage to create such iconic signs like the Hatch Show Print (Credit: Pinterest)

Today & the Future of Signage 

Today, the sign industry is a million dollar industry that has helped consumers and businesses alike to engage with each other and realize the importance of how branding can impact communities at large. It has also created an industry for artists and those with creative minds to explore their skills and to show how these skills can expand to do the impossible. 

Although traditional signage still works, technology continues to grow and provide us with more ways to design and transform the way things are communicated. It is exciting to see how signage and branding will look 20 years from now!

Budd, Melone & Company Signage Project

We fabricated this striking, brushed metal sign for Budd, Melone & Company .

Until Then…

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