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Digital Flatbed Cutter Delivers Professional Finishing Results

Digital flatbed cutters are one of the sign industry’s most versatile and useful pieces of equipment. From cutting sheets of vinyl for vehicle wraps to routing a unique design from a piece of 5’ wide acrylic, our new flatbed cutter allows us to provide a wide range of cutting and finishing solutions. A flatbed cutter’s capabilities also make it possible to quickly prototype and manufacture point-of-purchase (POP) display systems for retail settings.  

Flatbed Cutter at 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

Our new digital flatbed cutter can cut, route, plot, punch, and engrave a variety of materials with high precision and high speed!

Flatbed cutter using kiss cut tool to cut vinyl material. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

The kiss cut tool is used to cut thinner materials such as vinyl. This tool can be set to cut only the top layer of vinyl, and not through the release liner underneath.

Custom Products

Flatbed cutters are designed to provide precise cutting at a high speed. This allows us to serve our customers with faster and more professional results. Here are just a few of the many custom products we cut and fabricate using our flatbed cutter:

  • vinyl for vehicle wraps
  • sheets of custom vinyl stickers
  • plastic luggage or lanyard tags
  • foam board signs
  • cardboard signs
  • acrylic signs
  • PVC signs
  • wood signs
  • aluminum composite signs
  • and more!

We start most of these projects by first printing on the vinyl material or hard substrate. We use our high quality wide format HP printers to print on vinyl and our flatbed printer for hard substrates (i.e. foam board, PVC, acrylic, etc.) For vehicle wraps and higher quality vinyl materials, we apply lamination for extra protection. We then move the custom printed item over to the flatbed cutter for cutting and finishing.

Foam Core Signs Cut on Our Flatbed Cutter. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

The edges of these 24″ x 36″ foam core signs were cut using the V-Cut tool on our flatbed cutter.

Router tool cutting through 1/4" acrylic. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

This image shows the router tool cutting through a 1/4″ thick piece of acrylic for a dimensional acrylic sign.

Knives & Tools

Our flatbed cutter can cut, route, plot, punch, and engrave with high precision and high speed. To provide more options and greater flexibility, our flatbed cutter is set up to use a variety of knives and tools.

Three different knives can be used simultaneously to perform a variety of actions for one project. We can also configure the knives with different diameters and angles. We most often use the following knives and tools for our custom products:

  • Electronic Oscillating Knife – cuts soft and medium density materials up to 1 mm thick using a vibrating knife.
  • V-Cut Tool – cuts complex designs from foam core and sandwich board materials. It can cut at 5 different angles.
  • Kiss Cut Tool – cuts through vinyl, but not through the release liner underneath (for sheets of stickers, vinyl wraps, etc.) Also cuts foil, films, paper, cardboard, and other thin materials.
  • Router – with high rotation up to 50,000 rpm. We use the router tool on harder materials, such as plastic, acrylic and wood, as well as soft form materials. It can also do precise engraving like the kiss cut tool.
  • Driven Rotary Tool – cuts textiles.

To create cut paths around graphics, our technicians use the flatbed cutter’s pattern design software. We can also import cut files from graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator.

As you can see, our flatbed cutter allows us to deliver high quality, professional finishing results in a short amount of time. Let us know your custom signage and vehicle graphics needs, and we will find a custom solution that will work for you!

We specialize in branded interiors and vehicle wraps, as well as office signs, architectural displays, wall murals, and custom projects. We are located in Franklin, TN, but we serve all of Middle Tennessee, including Nashville, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Spring Hill and Murfreesboro.

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