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Custom Partial Car Wrap Design Process

Before starting any new car wrap project, we try and tap into our client’s resources and ideas. Most of our clients aren’t always sure what they want, but they know they are interested in a custom vehicle wrap. Sometimes the project turns into a full wrap, but often it might be a creative partial wrap. This case study shows several car wrap design options presented to the client before the final selection.

Custom design and vehicle wrap installation for South Central AV. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

By having the client review some of the vehicle wrap projects we have done in the past, we try to get a “like / don’t like” reaction to help generate ideas that can formulate a direction for the project. When the client can also supply us with some artwork and vectored media (logo, contact info, brand colors), this helps the vehicle wrap design process move along more quickly, because these are basic building blocks we can begin to use for mocking up the design.

Most of our car wrap designers also have the knowledge of actual vehicle wrap installation – an invaluable combination for creating a functional design that flows with the vehicle lines. Clients and designers alike must keep in mind that creating a design for a 3D object is VERY different than a design for a two dimensional web or print project. A vehicle has curves and contours, areas that wrap around to meet other sides, and overlapping graphics and information. It’s actually quite a challenge to both design in 2D, print in 2D, yet think about and actually install the vehicle wrap in 3D! This is a difficult yet necessary process to create a fun, usable, and applicable design that creates effective mobile advertising and fleet graphics.

Custom design proof - final version - for a the South Central AV vehicle wrap. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

The final (and approved) proof!

Custom car wrap design options for the rear of the Prius. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

Options that were used as part of the car wrap design revision process, or in this case – choose your favorite color combination.

Most companies have their own branding and message. This message needs to be reflected on their vehicles along with what they do – the products and/or services a company offers – as well as their primary contact info. As the design elements come together, seeing the mock-up of the car wrap design helps the client visualize what the final product will look like and helps them decide on logo placement, colors, etc. We have templates for most models of vehicles, and this allows us to layout the design from side, aerial, rear, and front views. Multiple revisions can be made during the design study process, with communication between client and designer(s) becoming more prevalent.

Another view of the custom wrap design completed and installed on the Prius. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

Remember to budget your project accordingly and be careful in the number of change revisions you request – graphic design as a service is not free! We recommend that our clients begin with a design study to develop a car wrap concept that includes up to 2 design revisions. Once the design is set and approved, we move on to the production and installation stages, where the print and installation pricing is discussed as a separate item.

In all reality, the process is quite simple, and we are with you every step of the way. Interested in your own custom wrap design? Contact us at 615-595-6564 or by clicking on the link below to design your next vehicle wrap!

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