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Attract Top Talent With Resimercial Workplace Design

In today’s competitive business world, many forward-thinking companies are going the extra mile to attract and retain top talent through “resimercial” workplace design. This means putting an emphasis on attractive and comfortable work spaces that feel more like home. So how does your business measure up? Have you considered how your workplace design might affect your employees?

Excellent Example of Resimercial Workplace Design

This beautiful work space looks so inviting! Photo Source: goodearthplants.com

The term “resimercial” means bringing residential design into a commercial space. This shift in corporate thinking has prompted many companies to create more relaxed, home-like work spaces for their employees. These environments also encourage increased movement and employee engagement throughout the day.

So what are some things you can do to create this type of work space? We’ve done a little research, and here are a few suggestions we’ve found from commercial designers:

1. Comfortable and Varied Seating – Many employees in the US spend 8 hours or more a day sitting in front of a computer. Others stand on their feet. Why not add some comfortable couches, plush chairs or other unique seating that will allow them to feel more comfortable as they work or when they’re on break? These types of seating can also be helpful for creating more cozy, collaborative work areas.

2. Flexible “Work Zones” – The recent trend to forgo traditional cubicles to create more open office spaces has created a bit of an issue when it comes to privacy and noise control. This has prompted companies to create flexible work areas that provide privacy and comfort. Ideas include lounge areas for more creative brainstorming and quiet “pods” to get away from noise and distractions. Work zones can also be created outside to take advantage of fresh air and sunshine.

Collaborative work spaces

Need collaborative spaces? Offer your employees more than one option! workdesign.com Photo Source: workdesign.com

3. Bring Nature Indoors – Plants are one of the easiest ways to bring calm into a work environment. They clean the air and provide a connection to nature, which reduces stress.

Plants Belong in a Work Environment

Plants offer so many benefits. They help clean the air, reduce stress, reduce noise levels, and can even boost productivity! Photo Source: entrepreneur.com

4. Natural or Soft Lighting – Have you ever noticed how low, soft and natural lighting can help you feel calm? The right lighting (and view) can make all the difference. If your facility has a lot of windows, consider utilizing natural light as much as possible for employee work areas.

Break room with natural lighting and a beautiful view

Make the most of your windows, especially if they offer a beautiful view! Your employees will appreciate you! Photo Source: workdesign.com

5. Branding that Complements the Work Space – Of course, branding is also important to a well planned workplace design. If you have a lot of visitors at your facility, they need to feel a connection to your brand. That connection is also important for your employees. Today’s top companies are doing a better job of branding their lobbies and work areas in a way that complements a more relaxed work environment.

Great Example of Branded Workplace Design

The branding on the back wall looks great with this comfortable and really fun room! Photo Source: aspiremetro.com

There are so many ways you can make your facility a more comfortable and enjoyable place to spend time. Gone are the days of grey cubicles, stark lighting and boring break rooms. Enter the days of happier, more well-adjusted employees who actually enjoy their work experience!

If you’re looking for a refreshed office environment, we can help! Our designers can work with you to create branding graphics and custom signage that will complement your new space. 

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