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5 Reasons Why Silicone Edge Graphics are Perfect for Wall Displays

Have you recently been asked to plan a new wall display for your company? Or are you looking for fresh ideas for displaying products or services in your retail space? Then you should consider using one of the printing industry’s most versatile and popular products: silicone edge graphics (also called SEGs.)

SEGs are high-resolution, dye-sublimated graphics printed on tensioned fabric. The edge of the graphic is sewn to a silicone strip and inserted into an aluminum framing system with a recessed groove. The sew line is hidden within the frame, which creates a clean and continuous appearance from the edge of the graphic to the edge of the frame. The image is pulled tight within the frame to create a beautiful, up-scale presentation.

Check out this backlit SEG display we installed in the Fedex Forum in Memphis! 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

This 24′ wide backlit SEG was installed in the Fedex Forum in Memphis. The contrast and rich tones are pretty impressive in this large display, wouldn’t you agree?

We installed these vibrant SEGs for Accella Performance Materials. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

These 4′ x 14′ SEGs were printed and installed for Accella. SEG fabric is light weight, which makes SEGs perfect for larger displays.

We’ve done several SEG installations for locations such as the Fedex Forum in Memphis, Ascend Federal Credit Union, and Accella Performance Materials, and we love the results! Here are the top five reasons we believe you should consider SEGs for your next wall display:

1. Rich, High-Resolution Graphics

Silicone edge graphics are a great option for image quality, because they are printed using a dye-sublimation process. Dye-sublimation yields deeply rich, vivid colors that are permanently embedded in the fabric, rather than printed on the surface. Tensioned fabric displays do not have an issue with creating glare, so the graphic is vibrant from every angle.

We installed these silicone edge graphics for Ascend Federal Credit Union. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

We installed a 44″ x 44″ SEG on the wall at Ascend Federal Credit Union. We also installed a larger free-standing 12′ x 5′ display. Notice how the graphic wraps around the edge for a seamless presentation!

2. Easy Setup & Removal (or Replacement!)

Silicone edge graphics are simple to setup and remove. In fact, these tensioned displays are so easy to use that retail store employees can quickly refresh graphics when the seasons change, during sales, to display motivational messages, or to feature something exciting within their industry. Professionals are only necessary for larger installations.

To install the fabric, you begin by building the aluminum extrusion frame. Insert the silicone fabric edge into one corner of the frame at the top, and then insert the opposite corner into the frame at the bottom. Work from the middle on each side out to the ends. The fabric becomes tight when fully installed in the frame. Removal is even easier. Gently pull the silicone edge out of the frame. It’s that simple!

Silicone edge graphics are easy for any employee to install and refresh. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

SEG frames are simple to build. The graphics are also easy to install and can be replaced without using tools, making silicone edge graphics a perfect solution for retail displays!

3. LED Lighting Options

Light boxes with bright, efficient LED edge lighting can be used with SEGs to add impact to your graphics. This type of light box provides even, consistent backlighting from one edge of the graphic to the other. Light boxes are also very easy to install.

You can see great examples of backlit SEG displays in retail stores, such as H&M, or at airports. (We’ve seen several at the Nashville International Airport.) The next time you visit a mall or airport, look for silicone edge graphic displays. And tweet us a photo @12pointsigns!

4. Easy Care

Silicone edge graphics are easier to care for than most traditional signage. Spot cleaning with a damp cloth is recommended. If washing becomes necessary, smaller SEGs can be washed in a commercial size, front-loading washing machine. Silicone edge graphics can also be steamed to remove wrinkles during installation.

Storage is another advantage with this type of display. The fabric used for SEGs is lighter and more durable than traditional printed graphics. If the graphics will be reused again, they can be folded or kept on a roll and stored in a small space for later use. Lighter weight, foldable fabric is definitely an advantage over traditional hard surface signage.

5. Reasonable Cost

Finally, SEGs are one of the most economically priced options available for higher-end signage that needs to be changed out periodically. They are inexpensive to ship and store because of their lighter weight. Also, setup and removal doesn’t typically require a professional … that will definitely save you money!

This interchangeable SEG display is a great alternative to window graphics. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin, TN

SEGs offer businesses with front windows a great option for easily interchangeable displays! 

So now that you know all about silicone edge graphics, are you ready to explore options for your next interchangeable wall display? We specialize in wall graphic displays, as well as custom interior signage, architectural displays, wall murals, custom projects, and vehicle wraps. We enjoy problem-solving and would love to hear how we can help with all of your signage needs. Give us a call at 615-595-6564, or click on the link below to let us know how we can be of service to you!

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